A Penny for Your Thoughts?

The 1st Anniversary of NettioDesigns is coming up next month and just like most moms, I can hardly believe my web baby is almost a year old!

In preparation for the big event, I’ve put together a 1st anniversary survey which I would love if you’d take a few moments and fill out. So much of my time here at NettioDesigns is spent rambling on about me that I’d love to have a chance to hear from you!

The survey is completely anonymous (I only see a timestamp) so feel free to get real and share any comments, suggestions or critiques about NettioDesigns you may have! I’ll be sure to put bring my thick skin to the party just in case, hehe.

But really, my goal with this survey is just to get a better idea of how I can make NettioDesigns even more awesome for YOU so if you’re a fan of the site, click the link below and fill it on out.

Take the NettioDesigns 1st Anniversary Survey Here

A little birdy told me there here might be a little prize for you at the end…


  1. iamdigiscrapper says

    Hi, so I already took the survey, but then realized that I should have gone and looked through your store first, lol. So I did, and I have one small suggestion for you: simpler product descriptions. I really like being able to see multiple LOs for any template I buy, and most of your product listings have that. But it feels really laborious to scroll through so much text to find the example LOs. Just a thought. And since I just made a suggestion, a compliment is probably in order. I really love your website. It’s so cute!

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