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Decided to get my “real” camera out this week and take some  photos of life around here right now. I know a lot of scrapbookers have fully embraced their camera phones but I still love playing with my DSLR (and am very much itching for an upgrade after almost 8 years!)

Life around here has been going along pretty smoothly this month. Even turned my calendar over to March a few days early – thinking I’m itching for spring already!

I hit 24 weeks this week and it’s crazy to me to think this time next month I’ll be in the start of my 3rd trimester. Craziness! My bump has definitely hit a growth spurt the past few weeks but considering I was measuring about a week behind the baby at my last appointment, I’m welcoming the extra room for sure!

I feel like the 2nd trimester is a funny time because for the most part, I’ve been feeling good and have a lot of energy, but it still feels a little early to start tackling too many of the major baby-related things. At the same time, I fully expect the next few months are going to fly by and June will be here before we know it.

So in the meantime, I’ve been tackling a lot of the bigger non-baby items on my to-do list like the redesign of Nettio Designs, the launch of my NEW site and some apartment-related items I’d been putting off since we moved here.

Adam actually said to me earlier this week that we should finish up more of the apartment decor items and well hey, you don’t have to tell me twice! In the works are an entry way gallery wall, master bedroom makeover (aiming for a mix of naturals with some gold accents) and then eventually turning our current office into a nursery/office combo – very excited for that!

Pregnancy-wise, I’ve become fully hooked on dark chocolate almond milk hot chocolate in the mornings and my Bump Nest pillow at night.

Not going to lie, I kind of scoffed at the idea of buying a pregnancy pillow (partly because I am cheap, haha) but seriously, it’s the best.thing.ever. It hasn’t solved all of my pregnancy sleeping woes (stupid leg cramps!) but as a regular stomach/back sleeper, it has made side sleeping a million times more comfortable for me. I actually look forward to going to bed now – plus it’s SO soft and cozy that I’ve found Adam cuddling with it on more than one occasion.

And I jokingly started referring lately to the pillow as “Snakey” so clearly Adam felt this week he needed an official snake makeover, haha.

I also bought some of the most adorable fabric ever (camping themed!) for a future baby quilt. I’ve never made a quilt before but I can sew and I’ve found some tutorials that seem easy enough so I’m excited to see how it goes.

And this month for Valentine’s Day courtesy of my mother-in-law, baby boy received his first official SF Giants gear! You know he’ll be wearing it proudly once he gets here. Gotta get him started young, right? #MiniSFGiantsfanforlife


And finally I know quite a few of you have been wondering (and asking!) about my future scrapbooking plans and well I’m excited to say that my NEW website will be launching on Monday!

I always feel like there’s a fine line for me between sharing what I’m up to and wanting to just buckle down and get things done behind the scenes and well, I tend to fall more into the latter most of the time, so I apologize for being a bit incommunicado on that front!

But it’s finally ready and above is a little sneak peek at what will be a free download available for email subscribers once the site goes live. Very excited for the new direction I’m heading so be sure to come back Monday for all the details!


  1. Kellie says

    Woohoo! Love the peek at your life. And PS Bananas really help with leg cramps. I had one a day with all three of my pregnancies, and the only time I had leg cramps was when I was traveling and missed my daily banana.

  2. aly says

    Lynnette this is awesome! I am so beyond excited to see what is happening on Monday! Yay for new adventures! And- I may have to get me one of those pillows! :)

  3. luan37 says

    I wasn’t sure your new adventures would involv scrapbooking so I’m really excited you mentioned it! And I see on your notes that you have a CT so it means you’re probably designing! Can’t wait to see! If you ever need more CT you can think of me! I’ve always been a fan of yours.
    As for your pregnancy, that little snakey made me laugh! I might have to get myself one!

    Can’t wait for Monday!

  4. says

    Beautiful pictures. I’m trying to find a link to subscribe to your newsletter, but can’t locate it. I’m on my iPad, should I be able to see it in Safari?
    Also, your planner/diary looks great. Could you share a link to where it’s from?
    All the best, Naomi

    • says

      Hi Naomi! I’m actually no longer offering an email list for Nettio Designs, hence the lack of a link to subscribe. But you can still subscribe to the blog via the RSS feed using a feed reader. Or if you’re looking for scrapbooking tips, those can be found at my new site KickAss Scrapbooking.

      The planner is from Target and it’s made by sugar paper. I know our local one here still has some in stock, especially in their clearance end caps if you want to look for it!

      • says

        Thanks for the reply. I was hoping it would be an online seller as I live in the UK but I guess I could find an ordinary planner and customise it to look like this!

        Congrats on the new venture. The manifesto looks great! Such an exciting time for you right now!


  5. Christine says

    Good to see you and baby boy doing so well. You know one of the perks(haha) of having a chronic illness and being bedbond is that you become an expert on how to solve those ailments that keep you for lying comfy or sleeping soundly.
    Ask your dr or midwife if you can take a bit more magnesium. As in capsules. Leg cramps and restless legs can often be soved by taking extra magnesium. This is because magnesium acts like a natural muscle relaxant.
    Ask dr. Google so you can read up on it and get rid of those nasty cramps!

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