How To Use the Holiday Faves Templates to Create Your Own Holiday Mini Album

As I mentioned yesterday, Holiday Faves 2014 is here! So today I wanted to share with you a bit more about how you can use the Holiday Faves 6×8 Mini Album Templates to create your very own holiday mini album or photo book.

For a quick refresher, here’s what this year’s templates look like:


The idea behind the Holiday Faves mini album templates is you use them to create the foundation of your Holiday Faves mini album and then add your own photos and journaling during the holiday season.

But how do you actually use the templates to do that? Well here’s a closer look at how it works:


The Holiday Faves mini album templates include four types of pages which can be mixed and matched to create your album: Foundation Pages, Accent Pages, Journaling Pages and Photo Pages.


Let’s dig a little deeper into the difference between all these pages and when you’d use them in your album:

Foundation Pages

The Foundation Pages are designed to be the pages on which you build the well, foundation, of your album. All of the foundation page templates are made of simple geometric designs with the idea being that you clip digital papers to them to pretty them up, print them, and then add photos, memorabilia, journaling or accents to them during the holiday season.


Accent Pages

The Accent Pages go along with the Foundation Pages in building your album, but rather than adding anything to these pages during the holiday season, they’re designed to stand on their own as is and be the pretty jewels of your album.


Journaling Pages

The journaling pages are where you’ll add the stories and photos behind your Holiday Faves or Holiday Memories. You can choose to print these pages ahead of time and add your photos and journaling later by hand or you can wait and print these as you go after you’ve typed up your story.


Photo Pages

The final piece of the Holiday Faves mini album puzzle are the Photo Pages. These pages are designed to make it quick and easy for you to add photo collages of your favorite holiday photos. Use them to support your Holiday Faves journaling pages or add them into the album on their own.


Putting All the Pages Together

Now that you know about all four of the types of page templates, how do you go about actually combining all these different types of pages to create your album?

Well it’s really it’s up to you!

All of the Holiday Faves 6×8 Mini Album Templates are designed to be completely mix and match so there’s really no “right” way to combine them.

But a few things you might want to consider as you’re ordering your pages are:

  • making sure to leave room to add photos and/or memorabilia
  • how often you want to include journaling
  • whether you’re planning to add additional non-digital pages into your album as well (like page protectors, clear overlays, pockets, etc)

To give you an idea of how you’d can combine these pages together to create your album, here’s a quick before and after using my own Holiday Faves stories and photos.

Holiday Faves Mini Album Foundation Before:


As you can see, I’ve included 2 Accent Pages, 1 Foundation Page, 1 Journaling Page and 1 Photo Page. I’ve left the back of the Foundation Page blank so you can add a 6×8 photo later and while I’ve added digital elements to the journal page, I’ve left the photo and journaling areas empty so I can add my story later.

Here’s a look at what these same six pages might look like after I start adding in my photos and stories during the holiday season:

Holiday Faves Mini Album Foundation After:


Here you can see how I’ve left the accent pages alone but added a smaller photo to the front of the foundation page and a full-size 6×8 photo to the back. I also added my photo and journaling to my Holiday Faves #1 journaling card and added a series of photos to the photo collage page.

I hope that gives you some ideas of how you can use the Holiday Faves 6×8 Mini Album templates to create your own awesome Holiday Faves mini album!

Easy right?

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