Taking A Baby Break


Happy June 16th everyone! Today is my official due date for our first baby which, if you’re reading this, means one of two things have happened:

a) Our little guy arrived sometime between when I wrote this on Friday and today and I am currently hanging out at the hospital or cuddling at home with our new babe.


b) The little guy has stayed put and I’m at my scheduled Monday morning doctor’s appointment to finalize plans to smoke him out.

As I’m writing this Friday morning, my gut is saying the likely scenario is b because he seems quite cozy in there at the moment but who knows! The whole “waiting for an unknown arrival date” is quite nerve wracking!

What I do know is baby or not, today marks the official start of my maternity leave. To be fair, I’ve largely cut back since iNSD when my energy crapped out and maneuvering my laptop around my growing bump became increasingly uncomfortable. But I didn’t want to disappear completely without popping in real quick to let you know my plans for the next few months.

My current plan is to take the summer off from now through the end of August for my maternity leave. That means there will be no new posts at KickAss Scrapbooking between now and then, but I figure that fits nicely with the slow summers in scrapbook-land when you’re all out soaking up the sun anyway, and will allow me to come back in the fall ready to go when things pick up again.

In all honesty I’m not exactly sure what this space will look like when I return – in a good way! I’ve been a child-free scrapbooker for the past eight years and while I’ve loved every minute of it, I’m definitely excited to be starting on this new life adventure and I’m of course curious to see if/how it changes my approach to scrapbooking and my business.

In the meantime if you’d like to keep up with me over the summer, you can find me on Instagram, pinning up a storm on Pinterest or possibly sharing the occasional post here on Nettio Designs. No promises for regular posting when I have an adorable baby to tend to, but if it’s going to happen, this is where it’ll be.

For now, enjoy your summer and I’ll see you when I return in the fall!

- Lynnette

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