Hello May


Woohoo, it’s May, my most favorite month of the year! This year May is extra awesome because in addition to it being my birthday month, we also have some pretty major life changes happening this month.

First we’re flying out to California mid-month because my little sister is getting married! She and her fiancé have been together for almost 11 years so it’s safe to say we’re excited to have him officially join our family. I was lucky enough to be able to design their wedding invitations and it was such a fun project that I can’t wait to finally share it with you.

Once we fly back from the wedding, we’ll be making the most major change of all: our time as a military family is coming to an end. That’s right, after almost 10 years of service, Adam is getting out of the Army. This is something we’ve been working towards (and debating) for many years so the fact that the time is finally here is both exciting and bittersweet.

Our current plan is to move back to our home state of California to be closer to family. Where exactly we’ll end up is still up in the air since it depends on the job situation but our goal is to end up somewhere in the Bay Area/Sacramento area so we’ll be within in a few hours of the majority of our family. I know the grandparents are counting down the days until they’ll be able to see their only grandbaby more often!

For me this transition has brought up a lot of mixed emotions, more than I expected. While it’s weird to say, the military has been the one constant we’ve had for our entire adult life and to think about it not being there is well…weird. Plus our favorite thing being a military family has always been getting to live and explore new places so moving back to such a familiar place feels like our grand adventure is ending.

It’s funny because I never thought in a million years I’d live in Texas, let alone have a child be born here, and yet now that the time is come, it’s hard to imagine leaving. But like most things in life, all good things must come to an end, and I’m sure once the pieces start to fall into place, the excitement will come.

Well that’s what’s happening in our slice of the world. What’s new with you?